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Clerk/Register Of Deeds
Anthony G. Forlini
120 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-5120

Agendas Minutes Notices 2006

The Macomb County Clerk's Office, under the leadership of the Macomb County Clerk, is the official Clerk for the Macomb County Board of Commissioners. Full Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas are recorded and maintained by the Macomb County Clerk's Office.


Attachment Size
2006-12-14-BOCAgenda.pdf 24.35 KB
2006-11-21-BOCTentAgenda.pdf 17.37 KB
2006-11-21-BOCAgenda.pdf 19.04 KB
2006-10-12-BOCAgenda.pdf 17.6 KB
2006-10-12-BOCTentAgenda.pdf 18.6 KB
2006-09-21-BOCAgenda.pdf 19.31 KB
2006-09-21-BOCTentAgenda.pdf 18.18 KB
2006-08-17-BOCAgenda.pdf 17.61 KB
2006-07-27-TentAgenda.pdf 17.75 KB
2006-06-15-BOCAgendaAmended.pdf 16.98 KB
2006-06-15-BOCAgenda.pdf 18.6 KB
2006-05-18-BOCAgenda.pdf 31.19 KB
2006-05-18-TentAgenda.pdf 29.64 KB
2006-04-12-BOCAgenda.pdf 16.8 KB
2006-03-23-TentAgenda.pdf 18.47 KB
2006-03-23-BOCAgenda.pdf 18.28 KB
2006-03-13-SpecialBOCAgenda.pdf 14.13 KB
2006-02-16-BOCTentAgenda.pdf 17.77 KB
2006-02-16-BOCAgenda.pdf 18.73 KB
2006-01-26-BOCAgenda.pdf 21.33 KB
2006-01-26-TentAgenda.pdf 18.27 KB


Attachment Size
2006-12-14-BOCMinutes.pdf 84.29 KB
2006-11-21-BOCMinutes.pdf 736.57 KB
2006-11-20-PublicHearing.pdf 64.49 KB
2006-10-12-BOCMinutes.pdf 388.8 KB
2006-10-11-PublicHearing.pdf 63.35 KB
2006-10-11-BOCPublicHearingMillage.pdf 37.04 KB
2006-09-21-BOCMinutes.pdf 519.27 KB
2006-08-17-BOCMinutes.pdf 448.19 KB
2006-07-27-BOCMinutes.pdf 770.96 KB
2006-06-15-BOCMinutes.pdf 544.65 KB
2006-06-13-BOCSpecial.pdf 341.74 KB
2006-05-18-BOCMinutes.pdf 700.77 KB
2006-04-12-BOCSpecial.pdf 405.74 KB
2006-04-12-BOCMinutes.pdf 530.73 KB
2006-03-23-BOCMinutes.pdf 513.13 KB
2006-03-13-BOCSpecial.pdf 143.05 KB
2006-02-16-BOCMinutes.pdf 577.49 KB
2006-02-07-BOCSpecial.pdf 196.48 KB
2006-01-26-BOCMinutes.pdf 667.04 KB
2006-01-11-OrgMeeting.pdf 124.93 KB


Attachment Size
2006-08-17-BOCNotice.pdf 15.47 KB