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Clerk/Register Of Deeds
Anthony G. Forlini
120 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-5120

Macomb County Apportionment Commission


According to State Law, the Macomb County Apportionment Commission is responsible for establishing County Commission districts within the County. The County Apportionment Commission consists of the County Clerk, the County Treasurer, the Prosecuting Attorney, and the statutory County chairperson of each of the two political parties whose candidates for Secretary of State received the most votes in the last election for that office.


Apportionment Commission Members

Anthony G. Forlini, Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds

Lawrence Rocca, Macomb County Treasurer

Peter J. Lucido, Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney

Mark Forton, Macomb County Republican Chair

Ed Bruley, Macomb County Democratic Chair

Apportionment Commission

From left: Ed Bruley (Macomb County Democratic Chair), Lawrence Rocca (Macomb County Treasurer), Anthony G. Forlini (Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds), Peter J. Lucido (Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney), Mark Forton (Macomb County Republican Chair).


Macomb County Charter Provisions


Section 4.1 Commission -- The Commission is created and the legislative power of the County is vested in the Commission. The Commission consists of 13 members elected for terms concurrent with State Representatives on a partisan basis from single member districts established by the County Apportionment Commission as provided in Article V... READ MORE


Section 5.1 Apportionment of County Commission Districts -- The County Apportionment Commission shall establish Commission districts in the manner required by law within 60 days after the most recent final decennial census figures are certified by the United States Government... READ MORE

CLICK HERE to download entire Macomb County Charter


Related Michigan State Statutes

CHARTER COUNTIES (EXCERPT) Act 293 of 1966 MCL 45.505

45.505 Partisan election of charter commission; nomination of candidates; petition or filing fee; primary election; composition and convening of county apportionment commission; rules of procedure; quorum; majority vote; establishment of charter commission districts; requirements for districts; use of census figures; apportionment... READ MORE

CHARTER COUNTIES (EXCERPT) Act 293 of 1966 MCL 45.514

45.514 County charter; mandatory provisions; subsection(1)(d) inapplicable to certain counties; staggered terms of office... READ MORE


Submitted Plans and Reviews - Macomb County Apportionment Commission


Macomb County Apportionment Commission Meeting Schedule


Macomb County Re-Apportionment Data


2012 Apportionment Commission

CLICK HERE for the 2012 Apportionment Commission web page.