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Clerk/Register Of Deeds
Anthony G. Forlini
120 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-5120

The Macomb County Clerk’s Office: A Legacy of Great Service


In 2020, Macomb County Clerk & Register of Deeds Office was recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACo) with four national Achievement Awards.

The Macomb County Clerk’s Office was recognized in the ‘County Administration and Management,’ ‘Human Services,’ and ‘Arts, Culture, and Historic Preservation’ categories for recent initiatives to better serve seniors, celebrate farmers, coordinate efficient communication among county workers, and delivering services uninterrupted during the COVID pandemic. 

The NACo Achievement Awards are issued nationally to recognize county programs that enhance services, improve county management or promote intergovernmental coordination. The National Association of Counties (NACo) is the national organization that represents county governments in the United States. Founded in 1935, NACo provides services and guidance to the nation’s 3,069 counties. 

The award-winning Macomb County Clerk & Register of Deeds initiatives include:

  • “Clerk’s Senior Hotline” -- a senior advocacy program that helps Macomb County’s aging population navigate through Clerk’s Office services by providing Macomb County seniors the personalized attention they deserve through the combination of traditional phone service, web-based assistance, satellite locations, community outreach, and even in-home visits.
  • “Centennial Farms Program” -- relying on the over 8 million images contained within the Macomb County Register of Deeds’ databases, historic documents -- some pre-dating Michigan statehood -- are provided to commemorate and recognize centennial farm owners within Macomb County. A centennial farm is a working farm of ten or more acres that has been owned by the same family for at least 100 years. 
  • “Clerk’s Corner Intranet” -- Developed out of a necessity to keep a 90-person team working together efficiently, the “Clerk’s Corner” serves as a central location for essential department documents and information while providing a way for team members to provide feedback. Accessible to all team members at their workstations or remotely, “Clerk’s Corner” allows for organization-wide sharing of necessary information and documents including policies and guidelines, job manuals, office phone numbers, HR forms, section manuals, tutorials and tips for operating computer programs and systems, among other things. 
  • “Virtual Clerk’s Office” -- Created solely with in-house tools without the need for an outside vendor, this is an easy way for Macomb County residents to access most Clerk's Office services during the pandemic. While neighboring counties were shuttered, Macomb County residents received remote service uninterrupted and county workers were kept safe, productive, and accountable. 

With the addition of the four awards, the Macomb County Clerk & Register of Deeds Office has racked up 69 National Association of Counties Achievement Awards since 1993, 65 under the tenure of longtime County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh. The 2020 awards are the first for the Macomb County Clerk & Register of Deeds Office since 2016.

Started in 1970, NACo’s annual Achievement Award Program is designed to recognize innovative county government programs. Each nominee is judged on its own merits and not against other applications received. Awards are given in 18 categories that reflect the vast array of services that counties provide. The categories include children and youth, criminal justice, county administration, environmental protection, information technology, health, civic engagement and many more. NACo recognized 522 entries from counties and state associations in 30 states.

The Macomb County Clerk’s Office has a long history of great customer service and national recognition, led by legendary Clerks such as Carmella Sabaugh and Edna Miller.

Carmella Sabaugh served as County Clerk & Register of Deeds for 24 years after being elected to the post in 1992. Carmella’s legacy was a whopping 65 National Association of Counties (NACo) Awards and many technological break-throughs such as electronic filing, digital vital records, computerized scanning, and on-line searches and applications. 


Edna Miller served as County Clerk for 28 years after first being elected in 1964. Edna campaigned for the position after the sudden death of her husband, Arthur J. Miller, who served as County Clerk after his 1960 election. Edna was elected the first woman County Clerk in Macomb County and also introduced many modern services to the office, such as computerized election results.


Laying the groundwork for the modern day Clerk’s Office were Arthur J. Miller (1961-64), Albert A. Wagner (1953-60), A.H. Jim Hofstetter (1949-52) and Guy L. Brown (1941-48).





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Macomb County Clerk & Register of Deeds

NACo Awards Since 1993

  • 2020 - “Senior Hotline” Helps County’s Seniors Find Services and Resources

  • 2020 - “Centennial Farms” Program Spotlights County’s Historic Family Farms

  • 2020 - “Clerk’s Corner” Intranet Improves Department Communication and Efficiency

  • 2020 - “Virtual Clerk’s Office” Helps Keep Department Running During Coronavirus Emergency

  • 2016 - "Uber rides for jurors"

  • 2016 - "Text messages to jurors"

  • 2016 - "Paying jurors in cash"

  • 2016 - "Parcel ID verification improving land records search accuracy"

  • 2016 - "Online CPL applications"

  • 2016 - "Kiosk queuing system"

  • 2015 - " 'Vote-bot' increases voter registration"

  • 2015 - "Jury room more efficient with self-service kiosks"

  • 2015 - "Electronic election text and email reminders"

  • 2015 - "Streamlined payment processing saves time for staff and improves customer service"

  • 2015 - "Online marriage application system eases process"

  • 2015 - "Real estate protected with automatic fraud alert"

  • 2013 - "Evening hours improve customer service"

  • 2013 - "Veteran photo ID cards allows vets to get discounts"

  • 2013 - "E-vital records system converts paper to images"

  • 2013 - "County offices consolidate services and offer them on the road"

  • 2013 - "History preserved online, historical election results now available"

  • 2012 - "Automated circuit court sentence scheduling system saves staff time, increases efficiency

  • 2012 - "Jury staff updates jurors anytime, anywhere with Google Docs

  • 2012 - "Circuit court progress duty tracking dashboard promotes accountability"

  • 2012 - "Register of Deeds e-mail alert system allows early detection of fraud"

  • 2012 - "Real-time board minutes allow immediate access to information in county government"

  • 2012 - "Register of Deeds Super Index protects property rights and reduces fraud in real estate"

  • 2012 - "County consolidates services with state to offer one-stop shopping"

  • 2012 - "Online mortgage redemption service helps homeowners avoid foreclosure and save money"

  • 2012 - "Electronic court dispositions speed paperwork to jail"

  • 2012 - "FastPass system allows customers to avoid waiting in line"

  • 2011 - "Concealed Pistol Licenses Created More Efficiently, Risk of Fraud Reduced"

  • 2011 - "Electronic Campaign Finance System Promotes Disclosure and Accountability"

  • 2011 - "Electronic Entry Book Prevents Fraud as Single Scan Speeds Process"

  • 2011 - "Google Checkout Reduces Cost and Transaction Time for Customers"

  • 2011 - "History Preserved Online, County Commission Minutes Now Accessible"

  • 2011 - "Increased Access to 'How-to' Videos with Youtube Channel"

  • 2010 - "Jurors Waiting to be Called for Trial are Given Pagers, Boosting the Local Economy"

  • 2010 - "Linking Septic Data to Land Data Improves Inspections"

  • 2010 - "Google Premiere Implementation Improves Operations for Clerk’s Office"

  • 2010 - "Program Helps Veterans’ Survivors Receive Benefits"

  • 2009 - "Register of Deeds Electronic Entry Book Fights Fraud"

  • 2009 - "Web Videos Improve Customer Service"

  • 2008 - "Clerk/Register of Deeds Services Provided at Local Libraries -- Mobile Office Convenient for Public"

  • 2008 - "Concealed Pistol License System Allows Applicants to Track Status Online"

  • 2008 - "Nine Day Work Schedule Improves Customer Service, Helps County Employees"

  • 2008 - "Online Absentee Ballot Tracking Promotes Voting, Equal Opportunity, Accountability"

  • 2008 - "Questions Answered in Clerk's Online Chatroom"

  • 2007 - "Internet Campaign Finance Reports Promote Public Disclosure, Improve Compliance"

  • 2007 - "Student Election Inspectors Learn and Earn with Optical Scan Voting"

  • 2007 - "Birth Certificate Verification Via Internet Reduces SSA Paperwork, Thwarts Terrorism"

  • 2006 - "Countywide Library Materials Personally Delivered to Jurors Via Internet Request"

  • 2005 - "County Sponsors Vital Records Informational Seminar"

  • 2005 - "Jury Room Uses Bar Codes"

  • 2005 - "County Puts Circuit Court Cast Index and Docket Entries on Internet"

  • 2005 - "County Offers Free SMART Bus Rides to Jurors"

  • 2000 - "Campaign Finance Workshops"

  • 1999 - "PPO Assistance Center Aids Public in Filing Court Papers"

  • 1997 - "Election Results on the Internet"

  • 1996 - "Register of Deeds Debuts Office of the Future"

  • 1996 - "Computer Selection of Judges Protects Court Integrity"

  • 1996 - "Improved Counter Service for Circuit Court Customers"

  • 1995 - "Election Night Hot-Line"

  • 1994 - "County Clerk's Annual Report"

  • 1994 - "1993 Macomb County Directory"

  • 1994 - "Customer Service Area Renovation"

  • 1994 - "Clerk's Office Services Brochure"

  • 1994 - "Cross-Training of Vital Records Employees"

  • 1993 - "Military Records and Documentation for the Genealogical Researcher"