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Clerk/Register Of Deeds
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March 7, 2016

Macomb County Election Results 1838 to present with voter stats

Unofficial election results will be posted as soon as possible after 8 p.m. when the polls close Tuesday. Visit the County Clerk’s website after 8 p.m. and click “Election Results.” You can see Macomb County, Michigan election results from 1838 to the present at this LINK and the Macomb County directory from 1947 to the present at this LINK.

On the elections results Website, you may request text alerts and get notified when unofficial results are 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% complete. You may also see community and precinct voting totals. And you may type in an address to see election results specific to the races on the ballot at that address.


Macomb County, Michigan has 616,095 registered voters.
2008 - 587,001 registered voters
2012 - 603,069 registered voters
2016 - 616,095 registered voters
The population of the county has increased since 2008.

Macomb County, Michigan voter turnout in 2012 was 18%, and in 2008 was 23%.

Macomb County had 56,287 newly registered voters in the last year, and 11,195 since January 1, 2016. The average age of a Macomb County registered voter is 51 years old. The average age of a newly registered voter is 40 years old.

For Tuesday’s presidential primary, Macomb County had 66,343 requests for absent ballots, and as of March 7, 2016, 53,556 absent ballots have been returned (81%)

“Please remember to vote on Tuesday and visit to find your polling place or view a sample ballot,” said the Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds has proposed the following election reforms:

Restore straight-ticket voting. Used in Michigan since 1890, but recently eliminated by the GOP legislature as Donald Trump became more prominent. Straight-ticket voting allows voters to quickly select a party of their choice, while still choosing individual candidates from any party.<

Online voter registration. Michigan residents may register online for “the draft” (U.S. Selective Service System), but cannot register online to vote.

No-reason absentee voting. The government accepts tax payments by mail without requiring a reason, but Michigan voters must declare a reason before voting by mail. See MI absent voter application form.

Making election day a holiday. This would increase voter turnout, especially since Michigan does not have no-reason absentee voting.

Early voting. This would increase voter turnout, and reduce the number of spoiled ballots because early voters could insert their ballots into a tabulator, which would immediately let a voter know about any over-votes or issues that would spoil a ballot.

The Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds has received 59 “good government” Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties. Innovations by the Macomb County Clerk include the following.

ELECTIONS improvements by the Macomb County Clerk

KEEPING CANDIDATES HONEST. The Macomb County Clerk was the first Michigan clerk to post online the names of candidate committees failing to pay campaign finance fees. CLICK HERE for a list of candidate committees who owe campaign finance fees.

'FOLLOW THE MONEY.' The Macomb County Clerk placed Macomb County among the most accountable in Michigan by putting county and local candidates' campaign finance reports on the Internet free of charge. The system has been called, “a model for the state,” by a nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog group. The system lets people, "Follow the money."

ELECTION SUPPLIES. The Macomb County Clerk was the first Michigan county clerk to purchase election supplies using a competitive bid process. This has saved Macomb County hundreds of thousands of dollars in various costs.

STUDENT ELECTION INSPECTORS. The Macomb County Clerk lets students "learn and earn" by hiring more student election inspectors than has ever been hired in an official capacity in Macomb County.

CHECK YOUR ABSENT VOTER BALLOT STATUS ONLINE. The Macomb County Clerk created a system letting Macomb County voters confirm whether their absent voter ballot was received by their local clerk, similar to tracking a package online. This innovative tracking service was adopted statewide by the Michigan Secretary of State.

ELECTION RESULTS TEXT ALERTS. The Macomb County Clerk’s election results website lets you sign up for text alerts so you can be notified when unofficial results are complete.

JURY DUTY improvements by the Macomb County Clerk

In Macomb County, a jury summons now comes with a driver providing door-to-door transportation from home to the Court Building and back, as the result of a first-in-the-nation plan by the County Clerk / Register of Deeds and Uber, at no cost to the county budget. This program was recently recognized by was recognized by Governing Magazine.

The Macomb County Clerk is continuing a partnership with Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) to provide free bus tickets to jurors without transportation.

The Macomb County Clerk started a one-day, one-trial system that reduced jury duty from one week to one day for most jurors and reduced annual costs.

Our court provides free wireless Internet service in the jury room so jurors can stay in touch with family or work while waiting to be picked for a trial.

The Macomb County Clerk partners with the Mount Clemens Public Library to provide free library books on-demand, delivered from any library in the county, waiting when jurors arrive.

Jurors receive text alerts prior to and during jury duty. The Macomb County Clerk partnered with the business community to provide restaurant-style pagers to jurors, depending on court docket demand, letting jurors shop or simply get some fresh air, while waiting to be sent to a courtroom. The pagers have been upgraded to text messaging.

The Macomb County Clerk’s office is “paperless response” for jury summonses. The office provides self-serve kiosks for jurors to check-in upon arrival, answer questionnaires, and update their personal information.

COUNTY CLERK improvements by the Macomb County Clerk

EVENING HOURS. The Macomb County Clerk was the first county clerk in Michigan to offer evening hours, making it easier for working people to get their vital records and get personal service. The office is open until 7 pm every Wednesday.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY. When a document absolutely, positively has to get there overnight, the Macomb County Clerk's office complies and was the first county clerk office to offer overnight delivery services for birth certificate requests and other vital records. The overnight delivery cost is paid by the customer.

FAST PASS. The Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deed's "FastPass" service allows the public to avoid lines by making appointments for birth records, business registrations or marriage applications. Customers can also prepay any fees that are involved. When a FastPass user arrives at the clerk's office, they will use a phone with Internet access or a computer in the lobby to notify the staff that they have arrived.

CPL APPLY ONLINE. Macomb County concealed pistol license holders, plus new applicants, wanting a new or renewed concealed pistol permit can apply online after they complete a gun safety course. It is integrated with the county clerk’s system, reducing data entry costs to taxpayers and risk of error while cutting the wait time in line for applicants.

ELECTRONIC ENTRY BOOK. The Macomb County Clerk reduced the risk of real estate fraud. The system has been called, “[T]he single most important step undertaken in the last several decades by any register in this state to stem the tide of real estate fraud.”

COMBATTING FRAUD. The Macomb County Clerk was the first county clerk to partner with the Social Security Administration to create a system allowing quick electronic verification of birth certificates to prevent fraud. The system saves time and lets social security staff and clerk staff spend more time providing service to customers and less time processing paperwork.

CCW PERMIT SYSTEM. The Macomb County Clerk was the first Michigan clerk to create an online concealed weapons permit system letting CCW permit applicants securely check their own application status. This lets clerk staff spend less time answering status questions and spend more time processing applications.

PPO ASSISTANCE CENTER. Victims of abuse now have help because the Macomb County Clerk started a Personal Protection Order Assistance Center to help people complete court forms and understand the legal process.

JOINT SECRETARY OF STATE / CLERK MOBILE BRANCH OFFICE. When you need a birth certificate to get a driver's license, or a driver's license to get a birth certificate, the Macomb County Clerk partners with Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to provide one-stop shopping, bringing county clerk services to every Secretary of State office in Macomb County throughout the year. This service brings most county clerk functions to local communities with no additional cost to the county. See Mobile Office webpage for schedule.

VETERANS PHOTO ID CARDS. The Macomb County Clerk issues photo identification cards to Macomb County veterans. “The veterans photo ID card is one small way businesses and the county can say thank you to Macomb County’s veterans, while helping the local economy, without any additional cost to the county,” said the Macomb County Clerk.

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