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Clerk/Register Of Deeds
Anthony G. Forlini
120 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-7953

Register of Deeds Recording Fees


Fees for recording deeds, mortgages, lis pendens, certified copies of court documents or other instruments in Macomb County.

Recording Fees

For entering and recording DEEDS, MORTGAGES, LIS PENDENS, CERTIFIED COPIES OF COURT DOCUMENTS, or other instruments:

  • Effective October 1, 2016, recording fees for all documents recorded in the Register of Deeds office will be $30.00 regardless of the number of pages.  The fee of $3. after the first instrument reference remains in effect.  Should you have any questions, please visit the Michigan Legislature website at

This fee change is in accordance to Michigan Public Acts 224 through 232 of 2016.

    Any document which assigns or discharges more than one instrument, a $3.00 fee shall be added for each additional instrument being assigned or discharged.

    *$4.00 of this fee is deposited to the Michigan State Survey and Remonumentation (MSSR) fund. The $4.00 M.S.S.R. Fee is not assessed on Fixture Filings; State and Federal Liens; State Deeds; Plats or Treasurer's Tax Reversion Documents.

    Uniform Commercial Code Fees

    Effective July 1, 2001, Act No. 348n Public Acts of 2000, amended and effective as of July 1, 2013. Uniform Commercial Code, MCLA 440.9405, MSA 19.94005

    Documents filed for recording with the Register of Deeds:

    • As-extracted collateral
    • Timber to be cut
    • Fixture filings

    Standard Form:The National Standard Form as adopted and revised by the Secretary of State effective July 1, 2013. The new revised forms must be used for all Fixture Filings, any Amendments(s) and UCC Terminations. An initial Fixture Filing must include form UCC1 and UCC1AD (Addendum) completed, including #13, 14 & 16 in order to record at the Register of Deeds for real estate property.

    Amended Fees MCL 440.9525(1)
    Fees for Filing and Indexing(2)
    Fixture Filings, Any Amendment(s)* and UCC Terminations

    • Filing fee $30.00
    • Jeopardy Tax Assessments (JT) and JT Terminations $30.00

    *Amendments include: Amendment to add or correct debtor name; amendment to assign debtor interest, amendment to amend or assign interest of secured party, amendment to add or release collateral, amendment to continue the filing, amendment to terminate the filing.

    Fees For Searching UCC Records
    The information disclosed on UCC searches will contain fixture filings on real estate property (and other documents pursuant to the UCC statutes) in the Register's Office.  Effective July 1, 2001, personal property filings (financing statements) are recorded with the State UCC Department only and will not appear on searches done by the Register of Deeds Office.

    Register of Deeds will only accept searches submitted on National Standard UCC Form 11. CLICK HERE to download this form.

    • UCC Search... $12.00 per name, which includes:
      • Name Search ... $6.00
      • State Tax Lien Certificate... $3.00
      • Federal Tax Lien Certificate... $3.00

    Fees For Copies

    • Copy of UCC Filings... $2.00 per page
    • Copy of State or Federal Tax Lien... $1.00 per page
    • Certification of Copy... $5.00 per record copy

    Most UCC financing states that are required to be filed in this State after July 1, 2001, should be filed in the central filing office for the State as follows:   Michigan Department of State, Uniform Commercial Code Division, P.O. Box 30197, Lansing, MI   48909-7697.   Website: Click Here

    Tax Certificates

    WARRANTY DEEDS and DEEDS, which contain a warranty clause or covenant clause, LAND CONTRACTS or ASSIGNMENTS OF LAND CONTRACT must have a tax certificate from the County Treasurer’s Office. (MCLA 211.135):

    • Effective July 1, 2015: For up to 5 Descriptions $5.00; Each Additional Description $.20

    Staff Search Fees

    Real Estate Search 

    • In person/by mail, 10 year search (minimum fee) $5.00
    • Each additional year $.50

    UCC Search

    • $12.00 per debtor -- Requires National Standard UCC Form 11. CLICK HERE to download this form.)
      • UCC Document Search (per debtor) $6.00
      • State Tax Lien Search Certificate (per debtor) $3.00
      • Federal Tax Lien Search Certificate (per debtor) $3.00

    Copy Fees

    • Copy, real estate records, per page $1.00
    • Copy, UCC filing, per page $2.00
    • Copy, State or Federal Tax Lien, per page $1.00
    • Certifications of any of the above copies $5.00
    • Copy, Plats of Record, per page:
      • 11" x 17" $3.50
      • 18" x 24" $4.50
        • Shipping charges (plats only), if mailed $2.50