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Clerk/Register Of Deeds
Fred Miller
120 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
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Circuit Court and Clerk's Office 'Go Google'

The Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds announced that her office has officially “Gone Google.” The 16th Judicial Circuit Court and clerk have Google Apps for Government, gaining a suite of cloud computing applications, security and world-class disaster recovery. Over 370 Court and Clerk / Register of Deeds staff now use Google Apps for Government to improve service and save money.

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Macomb County Circuit Court and Clerk go Google to improve service and control costs

Macomb County Chief Judge Mark Switalski and the Macomb County Clerk were featured on Google's Enterprise Blog, boosting Macomb County's image as a place for innovation. CLICK HERE

Macomb County Circuit Court Goes Google — You Can, Too!

Michigan State Court Administrator recognizes Macomb County Circuit Court innovation using Google Apps for Government. CLICK HERE

Google Apps

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Examples and Videos

Try it now! CLICK HERE for online demonstration of "Google Docs."

Macomb County Clerk Videos

"Canned Responses" in E-mail with Google Apps for Government (2 min.)

Editing and Sharing Functions of Google Docs (4 min.)

Integration of Google Apps for Government with Maximus Courtview court system software (1 min.)

Overview of How the Clerk / Register of Deeds Office uses Google Premier (5 min.)

More details about how the County Clerk uses Google Premier ( 9 min.)

Google language translation demonstration ( 1 min.)

  • See also, "County speaks 53 languages."

County Clerk accepts online credit card payments via Google Checkout CLICK HERE (not a video)

Embed Editable Region into existing Web Page 
using Google Presentations (approx. 4 min.)


Create a GroupWise Rule to automatically forward from your old E-mail account to your new Google account:

Create a GroupWise Rule to automatically notify senders that you now have a Google account:

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Google Apps Quick Tour

Google Docs in Plain English

Google Docs Tutorial

Using Forms in Google Docs

Using Google Docs Offline

How to Use Google Calendar

Sharing Google Calendars

The City of LA's Google Story

City of Canton, GA Saving Taxpayer's 
Money with Google Apps

Arizona University Talks Google Apps

PDF Documents about Macomb County Clerk and Google Apps for Government

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Viewing Attachments Easier With Google Docs

You may have noticed that viewing attachments is easier now that we use Google. We no longer have to worry about not having the same MS Word version or an inability to open or create PDFs.

Use Google Docs to Create PDF Files

You can also use Google Docs to create PDFs: just log into your E-mail, click DOCUMENTS, click UPLOAD, then download them as a PDF or whatever other format you desire.

Teach your old docs new tricks with Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Millions of businesses are experiencing radical productivity gains with web-powered tools, and today Google Apps collaboration is ready for every employee. We’re bringing multi-person, simultaneous editing to the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications that coworkers may still need from time to time. More people will be able to achieve a 100% web future entirely in Google Docs after learning the benefits of web-powered collaboration within traditional software.



Measuring the Total Economic Impact of Google Apps

Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 7:00 AM

In May 2010, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and expected return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by adopting Google Apps after having managed a traditional on-premise messaging and collaboration environment. Google Apps is a cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that includes mail, calendaring, IM, as well as Web-based collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and sites. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework and analysis to evaluate the potential financial impact of switching from legacy email and productivity solutions to Google Apps.

CLICK HERE to see entire report.


Google Rolls Out Apps for Government

By Nancy Gohring July 26, 2010 03:04 PM ET

IDG News Service -- Google on Monday unveiled a new version of Google Apps designed to meet the rigorous security needs of U.S. government agencies.

Google Apps for Government includes Gmail, Talk, Groups, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Video and Postini. The service costs the same as Google's existing Premier Edition offering: $50 per user per year. Data in the apps will be stored only in the U.S., and servers that support the offering are segregated from those used by nongovernmental customers, Google said.

The service meets requirements for data security laid out in the Federal Information Security Management Act, so it can be used by agencies that are required to comply with the act.

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Email Overload? Try Priority Inbox

Monday, August 30, 2010 | 8:40 PM Posted by Doug Aberdeen, Software Engineer

Watch the VIDEO

People tell us all the time that they’re getting more and more mail and often feel overwhelmed by it all. We know what you mean—here at Google we run on email. Our inboxes are slammed with hundreds, sometimes thousands of messages a day—mail from colleagues, from lists, about appointments and automated mail that’s often not important. It’s time-consuming to figure out what needs to be read and what needs a reply. Today, we’re happy to introduce Priority Inbox (in beta)—an experimental new way of taking on information overload in Gmail.

Gmail has always been pretty good at filtering junk mail into the “spam” folder. But today, in addition to spam, people get a lot of mail that isn't outright junk but isn't very important—bologna, or “bacn.” So we've evolved Gmail's filter to address this problem and extended it to not only classify outright spam, but also to help users separate this "bologna" from the important stuff. In a way, Priority Inbox is like your personal assistant, helping you focus on the messages that matter without requiring you to set up complex rules.

Priority Inbox splits your inbox into three sections: “Important and unread,” “Starred” and “Everything else”:
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More Google Applications Coming for Google Apps Customers

Thursday, May 06, 2010 at 12:00 PM

9 of the top 20 requests from Google Apps customers are for their accounts to work with more services from Google, not just for the core suite of messaging and collaboration applications. Later this year we’ll dramatically accelerate customer access to innovation, and give users the convenience of using any Google service allowed by their administrator from a single account affiliated with their organization.

For example, coworkers will be able to publish their organization’s blog on Blogger, share project images with Picasa Web Albums, track industry news in Google Reader, advertise online with AdWords and much more, all without switching back and forth between multiple accounts. While these additional applications won’t initially be covered by the core suite’s support and service level agreement, this change will open up the spectrum of Google’s functionality to businesses, schools and organizations using Google Apps and we’ll evaluate future support options.

We intend to have all Standard, Premier and Education Edition customers moved to the new infrastructure that enables this change in the fall, and customers who would like more control over the timing of this change will be able to make the switch voluntarily during the summer.

Back to School with Google Forms

Friday, September 10, 2010
Labels: Google Apps Blog
Cross posted on the Google Student Blog

Guest Post: Emily is a senior at Emory University, majoring in Business and Biology. This summer, she worked as an intern on the Google Apps for Education team and here she shares her thoughts on using Google forms on campus.

During the hectic first few weeks back at school – which can be the busiest time of year for a college student – one of the things that helps me get things done and stay organized is Google forms. I started using this functionality a lot during my summer internship to survey the intern community and other groups across the company. It’s an easy and efficient way to obtain and interpret information from many people and that’s why I’m excited to use it now that I’m back at school.

Google forms allows me to quickly create a survey with various information gathering formats (multiple choice, free answer, check box, and more). Then I can simply send a link for the published form to the desired respondents and their answers automatically feed into a spreadsheet in Google Docs.

For example, I recently used Google forms for a club I’m involved in called Goizueta International Network, an organization that helps incoming and outgoing exchange students make the most of their abroad experiences. Google forms allowed me to survey the international exchange students about what activities they would be interested in for the upcoming year.

All the international students are from different countries and live all across campus, so creating a survey using Forms was a convenient and universally understandable way to get information. Plus I was able to spice up the appearance of the survey with a new Google form theme.

After collecting all of the responses, I could easily view the results of my data.