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Clerk/Register Of Deeds
Anthony G. Forlini
40 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-5351

Clerk - Circuit Court Codes

Circuit Court Codes

Circuit Court Case Codes
Example: 2000-123456-AA
AA Other Agencies Civil
AE Employment Security
AH Habeas Corpus Civil
AL License Restoration/
Title Transfer
AP Appeal from Parole Board Civil
AR Criminal Appeals Civil
AS Superintending Control Civil
AV Civil Appeals Civil
AW Other Writs Civil
AX Extradition/Detainer Criminal
CB Business Claims Civil
CC Condemnation Civil
CD Employment Discrimination Civil
CE Environment Civil
CF Forfeiture Civil
CH Housing and Real Estate Civil
CK Contracts Civil
CL Labor Relations Civil
CP Consumer Protection Civil
CR Corporate Receivership Civil
CZ Other General Civil Civil
DC Custody Domestic
DF Interstate Filing Domestic
DH PPO Domestic Stalking Domestic
DI URESA Initiation Domestic
DM Divorce -- Minor Children Domestic
DO Divorce -- No Children Domestic
DP Paternity Domestic
DR Registration of Foreign Orders Domestic
DS Other Support Domestic
DU URESA Enforcement Domestic
DW Interstate Income Withholding Domestic
DZ Other Family Matters Domestic
FC Capital Felonies Criminal
FH Noncapital Felonies Criminal
NC Name Change Proceeding Domestic
ND Property Damage --
Auto Negligence
NF Damage/No Fault Civil
NH Health Malpractice Civil
NI Personal Injury
Auto Negligence
NM Malpractice Civil
NO Other Personal Injury Civil
NP Products Liability Civil
NS Dramshop Act Civil
NZ Other Damage Suits Civil
PC Proceedings Restore/
Establish/Correct Records
PD Claim and Delivery Civil
PH PPO Stalking w/o
Domestic Relationship
PP Personal Protection -- Domestic Domestic
PJ Personal Protection -- Juvenile Domestic
PR Receivers in Supplemental
PS Supplementary Proceedings Civil
PZ Other Miscellaneous
TC Transfer Custody Domestic
TI Transfer URESA Initiation Domestic
TM Transfer Divorce -- Minor
TO Transfer Divorce -- No Children Domestic
TP Transfer Paternity Domestic
TS Transfer Other Support Domestic
TU Transfer URESA Enforcement Domestic
TZ Transfer Other Family Members Domestic
UC UIFSA Filing -- Modification Domestic
UD Assist with Discovery Domestic
UE UIFSA Establishment Domestic
UF UIFSA Filing -- Enforcement Domestic
UI UIFSA Initiation Domestic
UM Registration of Orders
for Modification
UN Registration of Orders
for Enforcement
UO UIFSA Filing --
Income Withholding
UT Transfer UIFSA Enforcement Domestic
UW Registration of Income
Withholding Orders
VP Violation of Out-of-Country
Adult Personal Protection Order
Juvenile Case Codes
For more information about the following case files,
contact the Juvenile Court File Room at 586-469-5240
DL Delinquency Juvenile
NA Abuse/Neglect Juvenile
TL Traffic Juvenile
Common Court Abbreviations
ADJ Adjourned
ATTY Attorney
B/W Bench Warrant
C/S Cash Or Surety Bond
C/S 10% Cash Or Surety 10% Of Bond Amount
CRT Court
CUST Custody
DEFT Defendant
DEPO Deposition
DFLT Default
DISM Dismissal
DTD Dated
EXH Exhibit
FOC Friend Of Court
FTA Failed To Appear
GRTD Granted
HLD Held
HRD Heard
HRG Hearing
IN ABS In Absence
JDGMNT Judgment
JOD Judgment Of Divorce
MTN Motion
N/F Natural Father
N/M Natural Mother
OPN/ORD Opinion And Order
ORD Order
P/T Pretrial
PEO The People (The Prosecutor)
PG Plead Guilty
PLD Plead
PLTF Plaintiff
PROS Prosecutor
PV Probation Violation
REQ Request
RESP Response
S/C Show Cause
S/O Stipulated Order
SENT Sentence
SGD Signed
STIP Stipulated
SUPPT Support
TCW Temporary Court Ward
TRANS Transcript
TUA Taken Under Advisement
Judges Initials
Initials Judge
JB2 James M. Biernat Jr.
RLC Richard L. Caretti
DMD Diane M. Druzinski
JMF Jennifer M. Faunce
JG Julie Gatti
KAG Kathryn A. George
JMM James M. Maceroni
CJM Carl J. Marlinga
RR Rachel Rancillio
EAS Edward A. Servitto
MES Michael Servitto
MSS Mark S. Switalski
MS2 Matthew S. Switalski
JT Joseph Toia
KAV Kathryn A. Viviano
TAY Tracey A. Yokich